The core values of the Bonnaroo Works Fund are Community, Creativity, and Positive Influence. We champion those changing the world through social impact, human development, and community inspiration. Through our festival resources & culture, we support and collaborate with nonprofit partners doing incredible things to benefit the arts, education, sustainability, and social significance. Because you Roo, they can do.



The Bonnaroo Works Fund aims to grow its support of nonprofits that are changing the world through social impact and human development. With our nonprofit partners, we will inspire the community to take action.




lend a hand, connect with people, be generous with your time for special efforts and opportunities

Positive Influence

a grateful heart and inspired mind can only lead to more beautiful things. Be the influence for others or work with those leading the high vibes charge.


Imagination, resourcefulness, and problem-solving form the foundation for change and progress. Add a little art, beauty and inspiration and you’ve got the creative backbone that Bonnaroo was born from.

Social Significance

Contribution can come in many forms but we want our efforts and the efforts of our partners to make an impact that ripples throughout the community and nudges more pebbles to ripple as well.

Human Development

We believe all humans can be better and do better with the right tools, inspiration, and support. We help our partners do just that.


A message from a ‘Roo patron

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything that the Bonnaroo Works Fund has offered and the great ways it has encouraged me to get involved in serving and volunteering throughout the festival and beyond”

-Brian Smythe