Dollars Raised

Since the inception of the festival, Bonnaroo and the BWF have awarded more than $7 million in funding to deserving organizations.


Years Serving communities

This is the 10th year Bonnaroo has supported nonprofits through the generosity of fans.


organizations impacted

In 2018 alone there were over 40 recipients of grants funded by the Bonnaroo Works Fund. We are so grateful for your contributions!


Your Contributions At Work:

While we’re proud of our impact made in the community, we don’t deserve all the credit. Aside from the donation included in your festival purchase, a good share of the money comes from generous fans who help support The Fund through ticket add-ons, the annual Silent Auction, and other BWF fundraising efforts. There will be many new opportunities for you to support Bonnaroo Works Fund in 2019!

And, if you’d like to get physically involved with some of the great causes supported by the Bonnaroo Works Fund, we’re going to make that easy, too. Check out our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on all the ways to get involved.