Roo What You Do: A Call for Creatives

Have you ever thought to yourself 'Woah, that would be incredible to SEE or DO at Bonnaroo'? Of course you have! Now tell us about it... We're awarding a few folks vendor wristbands and up to $5,000 towards implementing a community experience or artistic element in the campgrounds this year! A zombie zorb race? A literal ice rink? A step troop flash mob or body painting workshop? An epic mural or mindblowing art installation? Sure. Let's try it! The Farm is your creative oyster!

Bonus Points and Considerations!

  • The activity / performance / art piece should ideally be interactive in nature. We're all friends here!

  • The concept must take no longer than 2 full days to implement

  • The concept must be safe and structurally sound for participants and/or visitors

  • Any art or installations must provide clear materials and structural plans for implementation

Deadline for consideration is May 7th, 2019


Kelsey Dewald